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Cevasco Design is an award-winning luxury interior design firm based in Sea Cliff, New York. We offer commercial and residential interior design, project management, and remote design consulting services.

At Cevasco Design, it is our mission--and indeed our pleasure--to discover our client’s unique character and bring that to their living space in a way that enriches, supports and enhances their lives.

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Creating Residential Impact


Our mission: to create beautiful, inviting living spaces that are comfortable and functional and that suit the personal needs of our clients. We address all design elements. Experienced and professional, we put our heart and soul into every project, and consider every detail to be of the utmost importance.

Making Commercial Design Matter


We look forward to conceptualizing a unique space for your

business property, increasing functionality and elevating its style. 

"I believe the process of design should be an intelligent, creative and enjoyable adventure inspired by personal style.


My interiors tend to be sophisticated, unique and eclectic. They are beautiful because they reflect the individual."

- Margreet Cevasco, Founder